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How to choose a home for the elderly?

This is the first question you face after deciding, and maybe before, that you want accommodation in one of the homes. The quality and service of a particular facility can determine whether you want it at all. The offer in this market of services is very different. As everyone has an attitude that is primarily related to his stay, any advice is ungrateful. What is safe is to choose a registered home that has a license and work permit. It is not a rule, but it is better to choose an object with a larger capacity, it usually has a more complete accompanying content. Make an appointment with a home representative, there may be an opportunity to create an individual type of accommodation according to your needs. If there is a possibility, it would be good to exchange a few words with people who already use the services in that institution. Good luck!

How important is the location of a nursing home?

A decision that is only yours. The fact is that the homes located in the city area are closer to your loved ones, which is more practical for possible visits. These are mostly renovated residential buildings adapted to the new function. In this case, you can’t expect too big gardens, up to 10 acres at most. Facilities outside the city are often purpose-built with dozens of acres of garden, often with swimming pools, provide a greater opportunity for walking, staying in nature and provide complete peace. More and more homes are opening next to spas, mountains and other tourist destinations. Each of these offers has some advantages and disadvantages, so the decision is yours alone.

What to pay attention to when choosing accommodation?

In addition to quality nutrition, care and hygiene, it is advisable to inquire about the content inside and around the facility you choose for your stay. As this is a place that you will not leave often, it is important that the home has enough different spaces in which to spend your free time. Home of solid quality must have a spacious living room, dining room, recreation area, receiving visits, leisure, garden, adequate walking paths, The room itself must be equipped with a comfortable bed, enough closets, bathroom, bright, ventilated and air conditioned. Everything must be adapted for the less mobile and the disabled. You never know, maybe you need to.

Does Oaza Silka SM employ medical workers?

All homes must have nurses and at least one doctor employed. If they do not have that, as a minimum of care for you, be sure not to consider them as a choice. It would be good if the institution has equipment and qualified persons for primary health care. This includes devices for measuring pressure, sugar, the most basic laboratory analyzes, electromagnetic therapy, physiotherapy equipment and exercises. An employed physiatrist and psychologist, and, if necessary, specialist doctors.

Does Oaza Silka SM have a contract with a medical center?

The institution for the accommodation of the elderly must have at least a contract with the health center and the emergency service. It would be good with a hospital of local or national character. This way of doing business allows the home to react quickly in emergencies, and you have a peaceful sleep. Holders of both domestic and foreign health insurance have the right to free examinations and treatment in hospitals. Beneficiaries from abroad must have a residence permit, so that they can socially pay for treatment with the parent insurance, so that they do not have to bear the costs themselves.

Do you organize any social content for users?

It is extremely important to study well, before accommodation, which of the homes will provide you with a meaningful and rich social life. Do not forget that you will spend a very long period within this facility, and that in addition to therapy, sleep and meals, you have another half of the day that should be spent pleasantly and with quality. Your life did not stop when you came home, on the contrary. Choose a facility with animators and an organized program of board games, dance evenings, quiz competitions, excursions, travel, cultural and entertainment programs, cinema screenings and everything you may not have had time for due to the modern pace of life. You will meet new friends, and a day filled with content that brings you joy may be a better therapy than just health care.

What does the price in a home for the elderly depend on?

Although the price of monthly accommodation is usually the deciding factor, you need to weigh well what it includes. The basic package always has a bed, food and basic supervision. For everything else, ask in detail. Think about the size, equipment and number of people in the room, whether nutritional nutrition, rehabilitation and excursions are paid extra, what about possible infusions and basic health tests, going to a specialist, hygiene products, hairdresser… Very low price usually brings bad conditions, the higher price may not be so high if there are no additional costs.

When is the time allowed for visits?

The homes usually have a prescribed time for visits, before and in the afternoon, so as not to disturb the house rules and perform normal activities. Certainly, in agreement with the management, visits outside the usual terms are also possible. Choose a home that has a decorated space for such a purpose. Some also offer the possibility of staying in special apartments for multi-day visits. If you have decided on a home that is located in one of the excursion or tourist destinations, you will have the privilege to take a short tour of the surroundings with your guests. Whichever way you choose, it will be important for you to spend time comfortably and undisturbed with your loved ones.