Social Activities

We organize excursions, trips to cultural events and other facilities
in accordance with the needs of users.

Old age does not have to be difficult and lonely, so we pay special attention to the cultural, educational and entertainment side of life in our Home for the Elderly Oasis Silka SM, because our goal is to enrich the spiritual life of our users.

According to their wishes, interests and possibilities, the users of the Nursing Home, with professional help and an occupational therapist, can get involved in various social activities that certainly enrich the social life of the users in the nursing home in Belgrade. Organizing various other activities, reading the daily press, watching TV programs and playing fun board games.

We organize a number of cultural, entertainment and educational activities as well as various work and recreational activities, of course taking into account the wishes and capabilities of users of the Home for the Elderly Oasis Silka SM. Emphasis is placed on professional and quality service that is tailored to each user individually, which is especially important for people with special needs.

We organize excursions, trips to cultural events and other facilities in accordance with the needs of users. Relatives and friends can come whenever they want because visits are allowed during 24 hours, including weekends.

Help with daily body care

Care and personal hygiene as a user, as well as the object of the home itself is very important. The Oaza Silka SM team pays special attention to hygiene as one of the crucial factors in maintaining a healthy environment and raising the health of home users to the highest level of quality.

A diet tailored to your health

The nutrition in the home is varied, all types of food are represented, and at the same time it is adapted to the different health and other needs of the users.

Professional team

Our mission is primarily to provide high quality service to the elderly in a pleasant ambience and friendly atmosphere, so that the relocation of users to the home would be nicely accepted and as stress-free as possible.

Patient transportation and home devices

The great advantage of the home of Oaza Silka SM is the possession of electric and hydraulic lifts for patients, as well as the possession of a scalmobil with which climbing stairs is not a problem.

Social activities

Many studies have proven that older people who, after retirement, in addition to physical, participate in social activities are candidates for a longer and better life. The Oasis Silka SM team provides home users with numerous cultural and entertainment activities.

Social and recreational activities and occupational therapy

We pay great attention to social and recreational activities, but also to occupational therapy.

In a nursing home, you can rely on complete professional help.

  • At your disposal are doctors - specialists in internal medicine, emergency medicine, oncology and radiology, who are thoroughly acquainted with the health status of all users.
  • Permanently employed nurses and caregivers take care of our customers 24 hours a day.
  • For users whose families reside abroad or in other cities in Serbia, we are at your disposal when purchasing medicines and medical consumables by prior arrangement.
  • We make the daily life of your loved ones happier and healthier
  • The organization of daily activities, socializing, birthday celebrations as well as daily consultations with a social worker and andragogue is provided.
  • If you need information about acquiring the right to someone else's care and assistance or legal advice regarding the procedure for acquiring a strategy, we are at your disposal.
  • If our users need transportation to the hospital or from the hospital to the Oasis Silka SM, our home provides medical transportation with appropriate escort.
  • The chefs within the professionally equipped kitchen try to prepare delicious meals for our customers every day.