Oaza Silka SM

Old age deserves
every respect!

Oaza Silka SM aims to provide high quality services to the elderly in an extremely pleasant environment and home atmosphere. The services we offer include accommodation, nutrition, care (hygiene) and a diverse social and recreational life depending on the needs, abilities and interests of users.

Oaza Silka SM

It takes care of the other
the greatest value of life!

Home for the elderly and adults “Oaza Silka-sm” is located in Sremska Mitrovica, in the settlement of 25. Maj at the address Batutova Nova no. 3. The home is located in the most beautiful part of the city, where there is peace and quiet. Each of the rooms in the home has been carefully decorated respecting safety standards but at the same time providing users with maximum comfort and convenience.

Oaza Silka SM

Be proud of
your years!

Home for the elderly Oaza Silka SM pays great attention to social and recreational activities, but also to occupational therapy. Occupational therapy aims to develop, restore and maintain motor and cognitive perception skills, including work-based therapeutic assessment and analysis of daily activities and occupational therapy interventions.

Our mission is to provide the best possible service, care and attention to the users of our nursing home. Home for the elderly Oaza Silka SM is located in a very nice location in a quiet street in Sremska Mitrovica.

Home for the elderly Oaza Silka SM is open 24 hours a day, for you and the needs of your loved ones.

Medical care in Oaza Silka SM

Our home for the elderly provides every home user with all the necessary medical care and nurses.

The comfort you deserve

Each of the rooms in the home is decorated according to safety standards, but also to provide maximum comfort.

24/7 customer care

Throughout the day and night, we take care of users with varying degrees of dependence on other people’s help.

As part of our home for the elderly there is a spacious yard rich in greenery, intended for rest and leisure and a completely new planned facility for accommodation of users

At the Oaza Silka SM home, we take care of every detail
Bed-to-bed patient transfers

Ambulance patient transport

Transportation of home users to hospitals both in our country and to hospitals abroad, accompanied by medical staff and doctors as needed.

Transportation of patients with medical accompaniment

Medical transport of patients and the elderly, due to the specifics and needs of users, includes escorting two people in the vehicle – the driver and the attendant.


Road transport by special ambulances

Fully equipped ambulances with medical escort. If necessary, we organize transportation for personal accompaniment of each patient.

International ambulance transport

Oaza Silka SM offers you international ambulance services according to your requirements and needs.

Comfort and safety

The comfort and safety of your loved ones is our absolute priority, so as one of our services we offer medical transport of patients to the highest standards.


Each room is fully equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable life. The home has a spacious terrace, and the rooms are oriented so that they are lit throughout the day with a large amount of natural, daylight.

Oasis Silka SM is designed to meet all the needs and requirements of users.


A place where we respect the elderly

professional help

If your parents or relatives are independent or need help with daily activities, with the constant care of our geronto-housewives and organized daily activities
by a social worker, will enjoy hotel-type accommodation.

The apartments have at their disposal, complete furniture, cable TV, call buttons, with ecological floor and wall air conditioning and heating.

Food is prepared in a professionally equipped kitchen, with a high degree of food quality control and professional staff.

The users have at their disposal for walking, socializing and all social activities a spacious yard rich in greenery, flowers and a place to rest

The organization of daily activities, socializing, birthday celebrations as well as daily consultations with a social worker and andragogue is provided.

Home for the elderly Oaza Silka SM has a professionally equipped kitchen and provides quality nutrition tailored to the health of users.

All employees of the Home for the Elderly help new users to adapt to new conditions and the environment.

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