Home care services
Oaza Silka SM

In a quiet part of the city, in one of the most beautiful settlements of Sremska Mitrovica, there is a home for the elderly Oaza Silka SM.

OAZA SILKA SM aims to provide high quality services to the elderly in an extremely pleasant environment and home atmosphere. The services we offer include accommodation, nutrition, care (hygiene) and a diverse social and recreational life depending on the needs, abilities and interests of users.

  1. Professional medical team 00h-24h
  2. Pleasant and friendly staff

  3. Comfortable and pleasant accommodation

  4. High level hygiene

  5. Fun and recreational program

  6. Transport of users to all health care institutions is provided

The home was built and equipped according to the needs of accommodation for the elderly, who need an institutional form of care. Oasis Silka SM as a home for the elderly has a spacious and very nice yard with lots of greenery, a small orchard and seating equipment. This ambience significantly contributes to making our users feel comfortable while staying in a nursing home.

The Silka SM oasis has been decorated with great care, respecting the needs of its users, but at the same time providing them with comfort and warmth at home.

Home “Oaza Silka-sm” has a license to operate from 19.06.2017. under number 022-02-00049 / 2017-1. Home for the elderly Oaza Silka SM, pays special attention to nurturing the hobbies of users, developing social life between users, organizing trips and working on a positive attitude towards themselves and the environment.

Taking care of your loved ones is a particularly sensitive topic and it doesn’t matter to whom you leave that care. Professional staff, family atmosphere, constant customer care recommend our home as an ideal choice.

Home for the elderly Oaza Silka SM takes care of your loved ones by providing top services to make their stay as high quality and comfortable as possible. The team of medical staff is 24/7 with the users of the home.

The basic mission and vision of Oaza Silka SM is to respect the individual needs of each user. In order to provide our customers with the maximum quality of life, we are constantly improving professionally. We are up to date with the latest professional knowledge, innovations and everything that is needed to make our customers feel comfortable, secured and at home.

The home provides its beneficiaries with 24-hour health care, as well as social support through individual conversations and active listening. We strive to understand their desires so that we can best meet all their needs, biological, social and psychological, while preserving their dignity as an imperative of the profession.

We know that it is not easy to choose the right home and leave the parents or closest relatives to the care of the employees of the home for the elderly. That is why we are here for you. To listen to all your questions and concerns and answer the individual needs of your loved ones.

Depending on the needs of your loved ones, we provide the following services

Personalized care

It is important to us that we can respond to the needs of each user at any time.

Psychological help

Maximum support and help.

A special kind of help

The Oaze Silka SM professional team takes care of its users 24/7.

Condition assessment

Upon receipt of the request for accommodation in the home, an assessment of the current situation is made.

Limited mobility

We provide support to independent, semi-independent or completely dependent on the help of others, regardless of the disease.

Comfortable and warm ambience

The home is a perfect blend of simplicity, modern elements and of course comfort.

Help with daily body care

Care and personal hygiene as a user, as well as the object of the home itself is very important. The Oaza Silka SM team pays special attention to hygiene as one of the crucial factors in maintaining a healthy environment and raising the health of home users to the highest level of quality.

A diet tailored to your health

The nutrition in the home is varied, all types of food are represented, and at the same time it is adapted to the different health and other needs of the users.

Professional team

Our mission is primarily to provide high quality service to the elderly in a pleasant ambience and friendly atmosphere, so that the relocation of users to the home would be nicely accepted and as stress-free as possible.

Patient transportation and home devices

The great advantage of the home of Oaza Silka SM is the possession of electric and hydraulic lifts for patients, as well as the possession of a scalmobil with which climbing stairs is not a problem.

Social activities

Many studies have proven that older people who, after retirement, in addition to physical, participate in social activities are candidates for a longer and better life. The Oasis Silka SM team provides home users with numerous cultural and entertainment activities.

Social and recreational activities and occupational therapy

We pay great attention to social and recreational activities, but also to occupational therapy.

Your loved ones are under the constant supervision of the home team.

In the nursing home Oaza Silka SM you can
to rely on the complete
professional help from our team

The team of Oaze Silka SM consists of workers with many years of experience who provide every home user with 24/7 care and supervision in order to be fully cared for. Oasis Silka SM has equipment that helps our users (immobile and disabled) to be involved in all activities and to make all rooms accessible to them to the same extent as mobile users.

Social worker

Social workers have an important role to play in improving mental health and in the outcomes of treating mental disorders.

Medical nurses

The role of the nurse is to assist the individual in performing those activities that contribute to health or recovery.


The role of caregivers includes assistance in the application of therapy, scheduling examinations and assistance with psychological problems.

The waitress

In addition to dexterity and skills in the way of serving, the waitresses also take care of the hygienic conditions of the premises in which the service is performed.


Hygienists are persons who are in charge of maintaining the premises and hygiene of the entire facility.


The task of the chef is to prepare a variety of meals, knowledge compliance of foods and recipes of specific dishes.